Do You Ever Wake Up and Can’t Move? This is Why!

Do You Ever Wake Up and Can’t Move This is Why!
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  1. Grimm Fan says:

    If you ask Monroe’s grandma Ada, you’ll know that the reason behind sleep paralysis is an Alpe – wesen, who feeds on the protein our brains create during REM sleep.

  2. Ivan Fernandez says:

    This happens to me 3 times already but separated by years. The old people like my grandma told me that when this thing happens to you that you try to move your big toe and you will surely wake up. That’s why when this happened to me the first time I remembered that and I did it and it worked. When you’re on this state you are like half asleep and half awake. The first time it happened to me I saw red devil on top of me and I closed my eyes in my dream although my eyes were already closed physically. Scary. But because I was also half awake that I remembered what my grandma told me and I did try to move my big toe and that helped me wake up. Take care.

    1. Sacha says:

      Same thing with me. When I had sleep paralysis I could only control my big toe which seemed to be the domino effect to regain control of the rest of my body. Your grandma = very wise!

  3. This is True and I have experienced it.

  4. vinay Pandey says:

    This is happen only when we puts our hands on chest while sleeping….

  5. martin says:

    yes this is so true and maney people think this is a joke no way i am ax serving marine and have seen maney things like this i all so had a experince only a few weeks ago and i was tottally imoblized on my sofa and could not breath at all and saw my body outter body sprit leave me tried to call out to my partner but could not speak it is a very frighting experince i did mange to move after 5 miunites just wished more people would take this a bit more serious

  6. Rubelly says:

    Yes it happens once to me when i was younger did not now what it was i try to yell but nothing came out couldent move i keep on screaming till i get my voice back so i waked up it was scary at that time i told my mom about thr experiance . And she also had it once but also she didt no what it was . So if it happens again i wickel my big thoe like kill bill like Uma T

  7. Sam says:

    it happens to me regulary … especially breathless ness during sleep and the feeling of being pinned down.

  8. Manjesh says:

    I have also experienced it.. .. Most of the time in such case I find difficulty in breathing.. …….. So scary it is!

  9. Emily says:

    You should mention the way to get out of it if it lasts too long (which is anything more than a few seconds because you do feel like you’re dying). Focus on wiggling your big toes. Soon enough with a bit of effort you will get them to wiggle and then the ability to move will quickly spread in an ascending fashion to the rest of your body.
    I laughed on Kill Bill when she “willed her limbs out of atrophy” by focusing on wiggling her big toe. Tarantino must have experienced sleep paralysis in the past.

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